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How to Maximize Your Small Space

Maximizing Small Apartment Spaces

Living in an apartment can be great, but the down side about apartment living is limited space. You don’t want to overcrowd your space, but you want to get the most use out of it. Learning how to maximize space can be useful. Here are a few tips on how to make the best use of the space in your apartment!

Multipurpose Use

Finding furniture that can be used for different functions is great. It allows you to have less furniture and stretch the use of your furniture for more than one purpose. Murphy beds are great space savers. This furniture definitely has multi-functional use and it’s a great investment.

Every Item Has A Purpose

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When picking décor and furniture, it is important to know the objective behind each item. You don’t want to buy something just because it’s pretty. Making sure that the item has a purpose and that it’s multi-functional is crucial. For example, instead of buying one large coffee table that takes up space, maybe buying a round side table is more beneficial. You get the same function as a coffee table but it takes up less space. Also, a round side table can be used in different areas of your apartment as time goes by.

The Illusion of a Bigger Space

Illusion of Space
Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

This is the oldest trick in the book, but using neutral tones and whites can create the illusion of your space feeling bigger.

Treating Corner Spaces

Treating Corner Spaces
Photo: Pop Sugar

Sometimes corner spaces can be a bit awkward. Creating a nook area is the perfect way to treat a corner area. You can create a small reading nook area by adding an arm chair, lamp, a small ottoman and décor.

Give Your Eye a Break

Give Your Eye a Break
Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

You can easily get carried away in accessories and details. Let’s face it, it’s the icing on the cake with home decorating.  You want to make sure that you create a visual break. Grouping your décor can allow for you to create visual breathing spaces. Filling every square inch can easily create clutter which is something you want to avoid.

In Your Kitchen

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Directing the eye upwards by choosing vertical patterns and visual items can be helpful in a kitchen. It gives you the feeling that the kitchen continues on. Another way to make your kitchen feel spacious is by using sheer window treatments. Using sheer curtains allow for natural light to penetrate through the window and curtains. One more way to make your kitchen feel larger is by choosing smaller scale furniture. If you have room for a table in your kitchen it is best to use a two stool bar height set. This is better because it doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

In Your Closet

Photo: HGTV

Most apartment dwellers don’t have a walk-in closet, so maximizing that space is essential! Getting rid of clothes that you don’t wear is the first step. The next step is to change out your hangers. Having hangers that are the same size and color can instantly make your closet look more organized and slightly bigger. It creates the illusion that your closet goes on and on.

If you have some floor space in your closet that’s great. Getting a small ottoman can hide items that you don’t really have a place for. If you’re not a fan of storage containers, baskets are another option for storage. Use all space available to you (vertical or horizontal)e.  To add a softer feel to a traditional closet, remove the doors and switch them to curtains.

Linen Closet
Photo: Honey We’re Home

If you have a linen closet, you know how easy it can get out of control. A helpful way to organize linen is by using baskets. Baskets keep your linen organized and it’s super easy to put away. If you want to take it a step further with organization, you can label your baskets with cute tags.

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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