How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Getting Home Ready for Spring

Spring is finally here. There’s no better way to get ready for spring than doing a little spring cleaning and decorating. Winter is nice for winter decor and more, but it’s time to brighten things up. Here are some tips on how to get your home ready for the season!

Go Lighter

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

It’s time to fold away your heavy duvets, faux fur throws, and wool blankets. Go for cotton. You can either have a light-weight throw on the side of your bed or put it at the end of your bed for those colder nights. Have fun with your bedding color and pattern. Spring is all about fun colors, patterns and décor.

Photo:  Pinterest

Changing your heavy curtains to sheers is a great to transition into spring. Not only are they light, but they allow for natural light to enter your space. There’s nothing better than natural light and wind blowing through your window during a beautiful spring day.

Accent Please

Photo: Anthropologie

Time to get rid of your winter throw pillows and area rug. Going with bold patterns or an accent color can help bring life to your space. Be creative and have fun with it. No pattern is ever too bold!

Photo: Pinterest

The pillow pictured may be on the earthy tones side, but they’re great for introducing texture and pattern. Mixing it in with some brightly colored pillows can be fun and add interest.

Photo: Pinterest

Go bold or go home! If you’re not afraid of some pattern, look at Moroccan rugs. They’re daring and come in a variety of patterns. The great thing about Moroccan rugs is that they’re unique. It is perfect for spring time.

Add Something New or Switch It Up

Image: Apartment Therapy

It doesn’t hurt to add something new to your space.  The change can be something as small as a side table or something major as a new sofa. Whatever you decide to go with, adding a new piece will give a your space a sense of newness. If you don’t have the budget to add a new piece, switching around your furniture can give your space a whole new look.

Add a Little Character

Photo: Pinterest

Adding a piece of furniture that has a distressed look can add character to your space. It can be an old wooden coffee table or a wooden distressed mirror that achieves the effect. A benefit of adding a large mirror is that it can give the illusion of space.

Photo: Pop Sugar

New Scents

Photo: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Spring scents give off a lovely aroma to the atmosphere. You can take the natural approach with fresh cut flowers or you can opt for a light linen or spring scented candle.

Photo:  The Little Market

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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