6 Simple Chic Ways to Decorate and Organize Your Kitchen

How to Organize Kitchen

Organizing a kitchen can be a little bit tough if your kitchen is on the smaller side. Getting the most out of your kitchen space is important. Regardless of the size, creating a space to cater to your needs is important. Here are a few tips on how to decorate and organize your kitchen in a chic fun way!  

A Little DIY
Image Pinterest
Image Pinterest

Repurposing a free standing wardrobe and turning it into a kitchen pantry allows you to create storage solution. This can be a good DIY project. Try going to a thrift store to find a used wardrobe Finding your wardrobe in a thrift store or online (eBay or craigslist) can help you save money. Another great thing about buying a used wardrobe is that you paint it in a fun color to add contrast or an accent color to your kitchen.

Storage Please: Pots and Pans
Photo: Country Living

Let’s face it— pots and pans occupy a lot of space. Using vertical space to store your pots and pans can be very useful. A towel bar and S hooks are a fantastic way to store your cookware. The great thing is that it creates a nice décor to your space without intentionally buying kitchen décor. This affordable storage option shouldn’t cost more than $30.

Create Your Own Island

This can be another DIY project. Finding a table with a bottom shelf can be great for an island. Not only does it add more storage but it is a great kitchen décor. Adding the same idea (towel bar with s hooks) for cookware storage to the table would also be a nice added feature to the DIY Island.

Jar Storage
Photo: Ella Claire Inspired 

Storing away nonperishable foods in jars can save a lot of space. Having a designated space for the jars help keep everything organized. Not only can you visually see what you have but it is also easily accessible.

Controlling Clutter
Photo: Making Home Base

It’s easy for a kitchen counter to become cluttered with spices, cutting boards and more. A tray can help organize everything and make it easier to find your ingredients. It also gives your counter space a clean look.

A Little Label Goes a Long Way
Photo: The Creativity Exchange

Labeling your items will help keep everything in its place. Have some fun with labeling your items by picking a cute font or color!

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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