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How to Make Your Outfit Better With Your Shoes

Must Have Spring Shoe 2016 Trends (1)
Photo: The Shoe Whisperer

It’s officially spring (even if it does not feel like it this week)! That means it is time to start elevating your shoe game. There are so many hot trends this season, some old and some new,  that it may not be clear which shoes you need in your wardrobe.

Shoes are what takes your look to the next level. Some outfits speak for themselves, while others need a bit of a punch with accessories. Shoes are an easy way to upgrade your look. One pair can go a long way, maybe even longer than new clothes can! Here are the shoes you must get this spring:

Kitten Heel

Your feet will rejoice when you slip them into these comfy kitten heels. Kitten heels are typical three inches and lower. Since the pitch is not as high as regular heels you could run around in them all day without little to no pain. They compliment almost any outfit from dresses to jeans. They are a great way to dress up your look with little effort.

Chunky Heel

Ripped from the 70’s era, chunky heels are chic alternative to the slim heeled single sole pumps that are currently trending. They are more on the casual side so they pair well with jeans, day dresses, and casual jumpsuits or rompers.


Lace-up shoes are one of the biggest spring shoe trends. The best part about the trend is that it can be worn in different ways. Lace-up flats or sandals give off a dainty feminine vibe. While lace-up heels are super sexy and fabulous. Flats look great with flowing dresses and skinny jeans. Heels go with just about anything.


This is a definite carry over trend, but it has not lost a bit of momentum. Mules are perfect because they can be worn from the spring until the early fall (depending on the color you get). They are also more on the casual side, but look great with a pair of culottes, a midi dress, or a pair of cropped pants/jeans. The key is to make sure that your calf and ankles are on full display.


This is another oldie, but goodie. Flatforms are still going strong. Whether its a pair of flatform sneakers or open toe sandals, once you have a pair you will notice that it will be your go-to. They pair well with most outfits and are effortlessly cool.


Espadrilles are a classic shoe that has gotten a major revival over the past few years. Chanel led the pack in bringing the shoe back. Now there are many affordable options. This is great spring/summer shoes for casual Friday and the weekends. There are some many ways to wear them, but they really compliment white well. Try wearing them with a pair of white jeans or a white dress.

Menswear Inspired

Menswear inspired shoes are not for everyone. If you are brave enough to rock a pair you will get chic rewards. They can be worn with menswear inspired clothes like button downs and trousers or you can do the fabulous juxtaposition of pairing them with a dress!


Fringe will probably die a horrible death in a few years, but for right now it is going strong. Fringe accessories in general are huge, but shoes are the biggest. It could be a pair of fringe sandals or heels, but you need a pair. Depending on the type of shoe you get the options are pretty limitless with how you can style them. They make a statement though, so maybe stay more minimal with the rest of your outfit.

70’s Inspired Sneakers

Sneakers from the 70’s have a very distinct look. They are narrow all the way to the toe. The sole of the sneaker tends to be on the thinner side as well. 70’s inspired sneakers are a great way to tone down a look. They can be worn with a dress or skirt to go the less obvious route.

You will notice a few trends cross over. Which shoe trend will YOU try this season?




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