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How to Have a Successful Brunch in the City

Brunch is a New York City pastime that will never get old. It is the perfect time to catch with your gal pals, eat a delicious meal, and drink during the daytime without judgement. Brunching is not for amateurs though, you need to follow a few rules to have a successful brunch.

Pick the right place.

Healthy Egg Omelette @ Atrio

The place you pick is key. Nothing is worse than a disappointing brunch spot. Pick a restaurant that offers yummy drinks, delicious entrees, and great ambiance. You can find this in any part of the city, you just need to do your research. All brunch locations are not created equal.

Pick the right look.

Conrad Hotel Atrio
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Clutch: Milly

Brunch is an excuse to get a little more dressed up during the day on the weekends. While your outfit really depends on where you are going, it is always okay to get a little glam for brunch. In fact, it is encouraged.

Pick the right crew.

Conrad Hotel Atrio
Left to Right: Martha Luna (MDoll NYC), Alexa Alfonso, Jessica Lisboa (This Season’s Gold), Sabrina Poon (Stylophyle)

You can pick the right place and wear the right outfit, but if you are not with great company brunch will surely fall flat. When brunching, go with people you know you will have a fun time with. Pick friends who will offer lively conversation and will not judge when you order that fourth mimosa or bellini.


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend brunch at Atrio Wine Bar & Restaurant in the Conrad Hotel with three of my favorite blogger girlies (mentioned above). This brunch spot had all the requirements previous mentioned.  The food, drinks, and ambiance all did not disappoint.

Prosecco & Ice Pop Cocktail from Loopy Doopy Bar

They were kind enough to bring us each the infamous Loopy Doopy Prosecco and Ice Pop cocktail from their rooftop bar. We all were dying to have one so they made a special exception. Usually this drink is only served upstairs, so we really appreciated them going out their way to make it happen. I strongly recommend heading to the rooftop and trying it because it is so yummy and the views are breathtaking.


My entree, the healthy egg omelette, was absolutely delicious. It had avocado, feta cheese, spinach, and smoked salmon. I was in heaven because it literally combined some of my favorite foods. It came with a side of potatoes that were equally as tasty. I threw in a side of bacon because well bacon is a must.


Atrio is located in the heart of the financial district. The well lit restaurant has windows throughout so basically anywhere you sit, you will have a great view. There was a jazz trio playing which made the restaurant super inviting as soon you walk in. The low-key, but tasteful vibe made it feel like a great place to take both a date and your family.

Check out more brunch pics in the gallery below:


Happy Brunchin’ fashionistas!


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