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When Is It Okay To Talk About Politics?

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Photo: The Liberty Standard

Whether you are for Hillary, Donald, Bernie. Ted, John, or hate them all, you have an opinion about this year’s election. With a presidential race as polarizing as this one it is hard not to. The primaries have been a circus and the general is sure to be equally as insane. This begs the question, when it is okay to talk about your political views?

My mother likes to describe me as political person. In her eyes, I am sure I come off that way because I openly share my views around my family. Most people would not describe me this way though. Save for a few angry Facebook rants I try to keep my opinion to myself. This is less for political correctness and more because once you get me going it very hard for me to stop.  Again I ask, when is it okay?

Work: NOT okay

Photo: Total Corporate Solutions
Photo: Total Corporate Solutions

It doesn’t matter where you work, there is no way everyone around you has the same views. There is essentially always a chance of offending someone. While freedom of speech is literally the first right we are given in the country’s Constitution, it does not mean spouting out a political rant at the water cooler is office appropriate. It is best to keep your political views to yourself in an office setting. The last thing you want to do is get into it with a co-worker then act like nothing happened at your next staff meeting.

Significant Other: Completely fine

Politics Couple
Photo: New Love Times

Once you have decided to commit to a person, it is perfectly okay to discuss politics with them. If you’re in things for the long haul then it is important to be able to discuss things that are important to you whether you share the same views or not.

Friends: Toss up

Photo: Lunch Click
Photo: Lunch Click

Just like with a significant other, you should be able to discuss your stance on the election/politics openly with close friends. That being said, if you are in a group setting with friends you are not super close to then it would be advised to keep politics off the table. Nothing puts a damper on a friends outing more than two people butting heads over politics. Keep things light!

Family: Depends on the situation

Politics Family
Photo: Saturday Night Live

If you’re a staunch Democrat while your dad is a super conservative Republican it is okay to have a lively debate about politics. He is your immediate family so he’ll still love you at the end of it. At large family gatherings though, maybe it best not to share how much you hate Donald Trump with your uncle who thinks we need to build a wall. There is no need to intentionally ruffle feathers.

Social Media: Are you prepared for drama?

Photo: Entrepeneur
Photo: Entrepreneur

Social media is the most mixed bag of political emotions you could ask for. No matter what you write, you will definitely offend someone. Again, freedom of speech comes into play so being politically correct does not need to be your prerogative and it is in fact your right to say how you feel. That being said, I personally can attest to the fact that many political rants are met with a firestorm of drama. Even if you are saying something that most people agree with, there will that one person there to say, “No, you’re wrong!”. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram be prepared for your views to be met with some opposition. This isn’t to say don’t post, but if you’re the type say no to drama then talking about politics on an open forum like social media is not the way to do it. Post wisely.

So what is moral of the story?  Choose your audience carefully. There is nothing wrong a political debate. If that debate will have a detrimental effect on your career, friendships, or family ties though, you might want to keep your thoughts to yourself. Or don’t, that’s what makes America great isn’t it?

PS— though you can probably guess my political affiliation, I am going to keep Lex Loves Couture neutral during this election year. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs after all.  That being said please vote in your state’s primaries and in the general election. No matter what your political affiliation, your voice matters ♥

When do YOU think it is okay to discuss politics?



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