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Mother’s Day Style Spotlight: Aja & Wynter

Current City: Englewood, New Jersey
Age(s): Aja is 25 & Wynter is 15 months


How would you describe your personal style? How would you describe Wynter’s style?

I would like to think my style is effortless and eclectic. I always go for more of the effortless vs contrived look. I don’t necessarily like to over accessorize and look like I’m trying too hard. I’m more about simple but bold pieces so that no matter what I grab and put together in my closet, it’s dope. My style changes from day to day as I do. I have grungy rocker days, I have bohemian days, I have chic days, I have tomboy days, I have sexy dainty feminine days, the list goes on. I love that I don’t have one limited style. As for how I style my daughter, I’m obsessed with purchasing amazing baby clothes wherever I stumble across them so it’s pretty easy to throw something together for her. I like to think outside of the box when it comes to styling her. I’m not a fan of everything frilly, fufu, and pink for girls. I definitely dress her androgynous because I think it has so much more swag than the typical what you’d expect a girl to be in.

Where are your favorite places to shop? Where do you shop for your daughter?

Some of my fave/typical places to shop are H&M, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Asos, Zara, Cotton On, Uniqlo, Forever 21.For Wynter, I shop everywhere. Ie: H&M, Baby Gap, Target, Old Navy, Oshkosh, Carter’s, Uniqlo, Zara. There are also some really dope online shops I’ve found for her too like Brooklyn Lighthouse, Olly Oaks, Little Edge Threads, King & Lola, Radical Kid Company, June & January, and more!

What is your process of putting an outfit together? How do you put together a look for Wynter?

When it comes to putting an outfit together, I usually start around one item. I can start from the shoes up or around an accessory I want to wear that day. Wynter is easy because everything that she has is cute. Sometimes we’re in a rush (and other mothers will know what I’m talking about because preparing for the day with an infant/toddler is no walk in the park lol) so we have to throw on whatever, but when you have good pieces, anything you throw on looks good. I’ve noticed that when we are effortlessly throwing on whatever to just get out the house, the end result comes out better than when we’re trying too hard to make a good outfit for her. Hah!

Who are your biggest style icons and where do you draw inspiration from? Are there any celebrity kids you draw inspiration from for Wynter?
I draw inspiration a lot from Instagram and other blogs honestly. I follow a lot of Trendy mommies who are either bloggers, photographers, or just have their life in pictures together. They are so freaking cute to me and that is my ultimate goal. I want to be inspired by others yet find the style that is still true to my individual taste and who I am and then continue to inspire others. If I had more time, well managed my time better, I would definitely start a lifestyle/fashion blog (side note sorry). The obvious celebrity kid cutie is little miss North West. I like how they dress her, not your typical,which I’m all about. Very 90’s inspired. I’ve always loved Gwen Stefani since early the 90’s No Doubt days and even more so when she had her boys and rocked them out at an early age before it was the trend.
Why do you love fashion?
I love fashion and always have because it’s how u speak to the world before even saying a word. Everything is based off appearance whether you like it or not. It’s a way of communicating and bonding. My parents have always subconsciously stressed the importance of appearance and having style and I’ve never (not even when I was young) had bad style thanks to them. I am one of the most open minded people you will meet and fashion is about just that. It’s about individuality. It’s about expression. And it’s something that is constant, yet always changing. Being truly into fashion is something you can never grow out of. And I never will.

Website: Website not up yet :(,  but working on a personal shopping/styling business for babies and kids!


 Thank you to Aja and Wynter for allowing me to feature them. Happy Mother’s day to all of the fabulous mommies out there!

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  1. Great job Aja!! Certainly able to articulate your personal style and fashion goals. This was a fun read.

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