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Social Media Etiquette: Wedding Edition

Social Media 101- Weddings

People get married all year long, but we are now officially approaching wedding season! Which means from now until early October every single weekend you are going to see a flood of “#MeetTheSmiths” type hashtags. If you are a curmudgeon when it comes to nuptials, it’s probably best to skip social media all together.

The appropriate time and what to post gets hairy. Some things are okay, while others are absolutely not. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Wedding Couple

Post whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s your day so do you boo boo. Seeing you pick a venue, shopping for gowns, trying cakes, and your bachelor/bachelorette parties is so exciting. Share that stuff on Facebook, Instagram, and your Snapchat story to your heart’s desire!

Now here is where etiquette comes into  play—Snapchats to direct recipients. If someone is NOT invited to your wedding do not send them personal snaps about it. I won’t mince words when I say it’s effin’ rude. It’s not like look at my tropical vacation while you sit in your office. It’s like look at one of the most important days of my life…that you are not invited to take part in.

Weddings are expensive and not everyone makes the cut. That’s understandable. What’s not understandable is rubbing it in someone’s face. Every Snapchat you send that person is a direct insult. It’s a reminder they weren’t invited. You are probably doing it absentmindedly with no malice intended, but just stop. It’s rude. Just add it to your story and keep it moving.

Wedding Party: Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
Bridal Party

Before the wedding day, share everything! The engagement party, bridal shower, a picture with the bride wearing a bachelorette sash? Go for it! Save for the bride’s wedding gown everything is fair game.

Here’s when not to share: before the ceremony . Take all the pictures you want while you all get ready, but be respectful and share after the ceremony. The moment a bride walks down the aisle is magical. It’s the first time everyone will see her. The last thing she wants is an overzealous bridesmaid ruining that precious moment. Don’t be that bridesmaid.

Note: The same goes for groomsmen. You should hold off on sharing as well!

Wedding Guests


I have a rule during fashion week. I take pictures/videos at the very beginning and at the very end during the final walk. This is how I stay in the now and savor the experience. The same rules apply during a wedding ceremony. Take a picture of the bride walking down the aisle. Then feel free to snap shots from the minute the couple says “I do”. During the ceremony though, keep your phone stashed and enjoy the moment! You can go on a social media frenzy during the reception.

Wedding Reception

Miscellaneous tips for both the wedding party and the guests:
  • Use the hashtag: If they made one, it’s because they want you to use it. A lot of the best candid shots are taken by wedding guests and that’s how they find them!
  • Tag the couple: Just like mentioned above, guests take great shots. The wedding album from the actual photographer can take months to come. Those pictures you take are wonderful way for the couple to relive their special day. Make sure to tag them so that they see them.
  • Try to include the couple in at least one post: This sounds silly, but how many times have you seen a wedding post, but you have no clue whose wedding it is? It’s hard to snap a picture with the bride/groom (or bride/bride or groom/groom ❤️) because they’re a hot commodity, but do your best to include them. It’s their day you’re celebrating after all!

Happy Wedding Season!


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