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Miami Swim Week 2016 Style Diaries

Miami Swim 2016

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you may have noticed that I was in Miami for Swim Week this season. It is was my first time going for swim and it was such an amazing experience! I went with my fashion squad (previously mentioned during NYFW last season). It was only a weekend, but I feel like we achieved so much while we were. So much so that  I came back from my mini vacay a little more exhausted than when I left. Good exhaustion though!

For my looks I tried to be cohesive and really play into the Miami vibe. The trends I highlighted the most were chokers, off-the-shoulder, and bold prints. Unintentionally, all of my looks were from Necessary Clothing. There was just so much to choose from when I went shopping prior to the trip! I will be doing a write up on the shows I attended later this week, but for now check out what I wore below:

PS—I let you know where everything is from! You’ll see I wasn’t kidding about Necessary Clothing…


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