How to Define Your Design Style


Defining your decorating style can be a bit hard. While most designers blend a few different styles, having a core style is key. The most important thing is to understand what you like. Once you’ve figured out the details and elements of you like, finding your style is super easy.  Here is a quick breakdown of the main interior styles. Hopefully it brings you closer to identifying your own interior design style!


Photo: Fresh Home
Photo: Fresh Home

Industrial style is reminiscent of the past. It has a lot of character and history behind it. A few interior characteristics are exposed brick, rustic exposed finishes and structural elements such as wooden beams. The great thing about this style is how easy it blends with other styles. You can have fun by mixing a modern clean style with industrial touches.


Image: I Design Arch
Image: I Design Arch
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

A lot of us are drawn to a modern style. It’s clean, simple, and easy to look at. Modern design is functional, yet organized. If you’re the type of person who likes an organized, clutter free, clean look– modern design is for you. Due to its simplicity, it’s very easy to add your own personality to this clean design. A perk of modern design is the feeling of openness; it gives the illusion that the space is larger. It is perfect for those who live in an apartment.


Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Home Bunch

You can never go wrong with tradition! Traditional style is elegant. Although furniture plays a huge role in traditional style, the architectural details are just as important. A good crown molding gives the place character and a finished look. Rich wood tones such as cherry, maple and mahogany help enhance the design elements. Arches and columns are prominent details that are also definitive aspects of traditional style.


Photo: Decoholics
Photo: Architectural Digest
Photo: Architectural Digest

Sometimes , it can be hard to tell the difference between modern and contemporary. At a quick glance they can look identical because of the clean lines and organization. There a few elements that can help you differentiate the two styles. Contemporary style embraces the idea that “less is more”. This style has smooth clean lines, minimal décor and print. Compared to traditional it’s a subtle style that doesn’t ask for much attention. Also, compared it to modern, contemporary style is more fluid. The design of this style allows for rooms to be spacious, lets in a lot of natural light, and there’s always space for a piece of art. It emphasizes line and form making it completely different from the modern style.

So, what’s your design style?

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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