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3 Ways to Embrace Fall Without Being Basic


Since the day after Labor Day, Instagram and Facebook have been flooded with memes about loving fall. Leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes– you know what I’m talking about. Summer’s a great season, but fall holds a special place in every girl’s heart (myself included). Thanks to social media though, fall has become the most BASIC season.

Don’t deny it, you know I’m right. Also don’t be insulted, because the season’s basicness is not a direct reflection on you. You’re not basic because you like fall, fall is basic because so many people like it. Picking up what I’m throwing down? Okay, good!

Every girl has a little basic in her. Whether it is her use of the hashtag “#RoseAllDay” or her Instagram post about her love for tacos or pizza. The important thing though is to strive be only about 10 percent basic. The goal of this post is to help us all do just that during this glorious fall season.

Go for unique boots/booties.

Booties and boots are not going out style any time soon (especially not this season). This fall though, it is all about being unique. Since this isn’t your first rodeo you probably already have your staples (brown/black). So this season, get a fun color or print! Add a little pop to that outfit!

Lola Shoetique
Lola Shoetique
Steve Madden
Embrace the sweater weather with an edgy look.

This folds perfectly into the first point. A sweater and jeans is perfectly okay, but also just a wee bit basic. Add a bit of edge to your look. Throw on a cool accessory. Wear fun shoes. Layer a button up underneath. Do all three! Let your sweater be the launchpad for an amazingly chic outfit.

Add some pumpkin spice to your beauty routine instead of your latte.

Pumpkin spice is quintessentially fall. Not the biggest fan of PSLs, but I am fan of PSL inspired beauty! Whether it is pumpkin colored nails, makeup, or hair (if you’re in need of a bold change)– I am all for it.

MAC Cosmetics

Enjoy fall fashionistas! Just don’t be basic while doing it 😉

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