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3 Face Masks Lex Is Currently Obsessed With


When I was little my mother would rub this green goop all over her face before bed. For a child, it was pretty terrifying. As I grew older I came to realize it was a face mask and the purpose it served.

I always thought the concept was interesting, but it had no appeal. This was probably because up until age 21 my skin was legitimately perfect. Of course, this wasn’t because I did anything special.

I slept with my makeup on, drank heavily, and ate terribly. The only good   skincare habit I had was always using a moisturizer with SPF.  Which in these days is the norm, but believe or not there was a time moisturizers didn’t come with sun protection.

When I stopped most of my bad college habits (I still occasionally sleep with makeup🙈), it was basically a shock to my system. My mother equated it to a detox. I guess eating food that’s green and not drinking seven days a week can do that.

Most of it was good. I lost weight and felt healthier, but my skin went down the crapper. Seriously, it was like the alcohol seeped through my pores and brought a million white heads with it. It happened so fast there was no way to see it coming.

After a facial and a few months of good skincare my face recovered for the most part. It would never be quite the same, but it has never been as bad as that time. This is when I started masking. I wanted to make sure the severe breakout didn’t happen again.

That goop I previously judged became part of my weekly Sunday ritual. When I don’t keep up with it I notice a big difference with my skin. In addition to my Sunday nights, I will occasionally slather on a mask when I know I’m being photographed (i.e. fashion week or a blogger event).

I have a bad habit of buying face masks that seem interesting. My collection is ever growing. There are three that I’m completely obsessed with though. I rotate between these masks every week.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque


This is the green goop my mother used and I see why she has loved it all of these years. Its thick texture makes it easy to spread and has a tingling sensation while it is on. I  leave it on for 15-30 minutes and wash off with warm water. I’d recommend using a washcloth to take it off so you do not miss any spots, but yours hands will do the trick. It is really good for when you are having breakouts as it lifts things to the surface. It is a little drying so I like to use a combination of oil and moisturizer after. The next day my skin feels baby soft.

Glamglow GravityMud

Glamglow GravityMud

This mask is supposed to firm your skin as an anti-aging remedy. I can’t confirm if it actually does that. What I can confirm is that it definitely clears away dead skin and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. I leave it on for 30 minutes and then peel it off (which honestly is the most fun part about the mask). Peeling it off can get frustrating at times, but the end result is worth it.

Garnier Skinactive Clean+ Pore Purifying 2-in-1 Clay Cleanser/Mask


This one is my favorite because not only is it a cleanser that can be used daily, you can also use it as a mask! I use this mask when I’m in a time crunch and/or my skin needs major recon. I apply a generous amount on wet skin and let it dry for five minutes. The charcoal in the mask acts as a magnet pulling out impurities. Once it’s washed away my skin feels amazing.

PS–This mask is great to use right before you head out for the night since it requires the least time.

Tip for all masks: Use a flat makeup brush (that you only use for this purpose) to apply. It keeps things from getting messy!

Which mask will YOU be trying?



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