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8 Tasteful Ways to Wear Animal Print

I am not afraid of prints. In fact, I love them. Stripes, geometric, jacquard, etc. — I live for them. The only type of print that I tend to steer clear of is animal. Probably because even though we are years past it, I still tend to associate wildlife inspired prints with the female cast of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians (in their early days).

There is no denying that animal print can go fabulous to tacky very quickly, but there is also no denying that when worn correctly it can just the pop that you need. So, let’s explore the tasteful ways to wear animal print. There are plenty!

Pair it with neutrals.


This is the fool-proof and classic way to wear animal print. It’s little bit of edge, but the outfit remains out of the tacky zone.

Wear it on your feet.


This is the most non-threatening way to break out your animal print. Leopard in particular can almost be worn as a neutral when it come to shoes so it can be paired with an abundance of outfits.

Add some spice to your denim.


Jeans and a white tee-shirt never looked so good! The classic pairing gets a little bit a zest when leopard jacket or blazer is added to it!

Just a subtle pop.


Sometimes less is more. An animal print collar is sometimes all you need to add a little pop to you look. The small hint can go a long way.

Add a pop to black.


Something about the all black and leopard combo has an old Hollywood feel about it. There’s nothing more chic and classic at the same time.

Make your accessories roar.


Again, sometimes less is more. You don’t actually have to wear animal print to embrace. A clutch can pack a big punch in a subtle way.

Pump up your minimalistic look.


Black and white never fails, but adding a jacket or accessory could be just the unique spin that your look needs.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some brights.


Go bold with your look if your feeling daring! Animal print looks just as great with brights as it does with neutrals.

How do you YOU wear animal print?



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