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2016 Was The Year My Style Evolved

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I’m 27. You would think that the ship of caring what people think would have sailed already. I guess you can say I am a late bloomer because it was not until last year that I really stopped caring and starting taking “risks”.

I like to think that I have had semi-admirable personal style from my late teens/early 20s on (see above). At least in the sense that I always was on trend (good or bad) and always looked put together. I didn’t always challenge myself, but I prided myself on having an individual sense of style. For better or worse.


In my mid-twenties I took a few more risks, but still kept it pretty safe. I was fully submerged in the blogger world so taking chances comes with the territory. Taking a leap though and wearing something that everyone might not like didn’t happen until the the start of late :insert sad face emoji : 20’s.


2016 was the year it all changed. Right at the start of that climb to 30. I told myself who cares if not everyone likes what you’re wearing? Who cares if you don’t get compliments? Wear what makes you happy!


Wear the slip dress to work holiday party. Wear the blue lipstick. Don’t kill youself to wear heels to the fashion show and wear the cute silver oxfords instead.  Cut your hair into a super short pixie. Stop wearing clothes that don’t make you feel 100% you.

When I stopped caring I noticed my style improved significantly and I started wearing things in ways I would have never worn them before. Every single day I put on an outfit only for me. The rest of the world can have its opinions, but in the end mine is the only one that matters.



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