Why He Didn’t Text Back


Ghost is the millennial verb for when guys we are casually dating disappear with no explanation. It could be temporary. It could be permanent. It never feels good. The important thing to remember when a guy ghosts you is that it is never your fault.

Life got busy


Sometimes life gets crazy. Work could be jammed. Family members could get sick. Friends could need your help.  Life throws curve balls and sometimes the girl you went on a couple of good Tinder/Bumble dates with needs to be put on the back burner or taken out of mix completely.

Can I be honest though? The above excuse is only justified when things are very new. At a certain point you should be a bit of a priority. I’m not saying make plans when there isn’t time, but shooting off a text to let you know he’s not dead takes less than a minute.

He forgot to reply


We all do it. Pick up our phone, mentally reply, and then in reality never answer. Hours go by and then we remember to finally answer–making ourselves look like inconsiderate jerks. Completely unintentional, but a jerk move none the less.

Note that I said “hours”. When the “forgot to reply” excuse last days, that is a point of concern. Anyone you can go days without replying to isn’t very important to you. Remember that while you try to justify the lack of response in your head. You could go months with a guy like this. It’s infuriating.

He’s really not that into you


While in the moment it seems like a mean thing to do. Ghosting is the really is the best way to end things with a guy you’re not exclusively dating. I’ve had a non-boyfriend “break up” with me. It was infuriating and in the end I know for a fact my reaction was irrational.

We all think we want someone to be completely honest and tell us exactly what he’s thinking. That he thinks we are really cool, but doesn’t see a future. Awesome concept, but in the end who’s feelings are hurt? Certainly not his.

Ghosting is literally the worst. In the end though it’s not you, it’s him isn’t just a platitude. If someone isn’t interested or likes to keep you at arms length you are better off without him. So if you encounter a ghost, just keep it moving and say on to the next.

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