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Political Fatigue: Going Back to the Pretty Stuff


So I wrote an article (never posted) because I was fired up. It’s not the first time I have written something and then decided not to share, but in this post I drew a very hard-line in the sand. It took things further than I ever have before.

I slept on it for  a couple of nights and decided not to share because my readers are important to me. I respect you all and your opinions. I don’t want anything I write to make it seem like I don’t.

In addition to deciding not to post this article, I had a bigger realization that goes outside of my blog. We know how I feel about our current president and who I endorsed in the election, but I can’t spend the next four (potentially eight) years spewing venom.

Know this. I am not saying I accept it. I am not saying I agree with this administration’s actions. I am just saying I’m exhausted!

If I feed into every little thing it will slowing eat away at me. So I choose going back to the pretty stuff. Especially when it comes to Lex Loves Couture.

Recently it has felt frivolous to talk about makeup and clothes when so much was going on. If I’m being honest, it has caused a bit of writer’s block. I am now realizing that the “pretty stuff” is probably a welcome distraction for many others who are feeling the same fatigue I am.

While I will no longer address these issues, it does not mean that I am not paying attention. The decisions lawmakers make effect every single one of us. I am just deciding to go back to being more private about my political views.

Being a blogger and someone active on social media makes it easier to share every thought you have in your head.  I see issues on both sides and could honestly offer my commentary all day. I just can’t feed the monster anymore.

Love you all.


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