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Booties That Are Perfect for Spring


Booties are an interesting shoe. Why? They can technically be worn year round. Personally I limit my bootie wearing to fall through spring and stash them during the summer, but you could keep booties in your summer line up if you wanted to. While I am strong believer in the sentiment that fashion has no rules– there has to be limit on how wintery your shoe is before it borders on the ridiculous.

Stay away from heavy fabrics and dark colors like emerald green, navy blue. and oxblood. Go for light neutrals, warm metallics, and animal prints. These will translate well into to spring.

If you are on the hunt for booties that can worn into the spring, here are a few options:

Steve Madden
Steve Madden

While your first thought when you see a grey bootie may be fall, grey actually pairs perfectly with spring brights and pastels. Don’t knock this color until you’ve tried it.


Blush is here to stay. It is perfect because even though it has a pink undertone, it can be treated as a neutral. Pair this bootie with your favorite summer dress for an updated look!


Normally a black bootie would have been kept off this list, but the floral print is just screaming spring. This is the perfect way to add a pop to a solid colored outfit. If you’re feeling daring, try pairing it with a striped or polka dot dress!


This shoe would not be the most exciting addition to your wardrobe, but there is a guarantee of you wearing them often. They can be worn with so many adorable spring looks. The options are endless.

Animal Print

A little snake print never hurt nobody. Animal print can be treated as neutral as well. Pair this with your favorite spring color to add a bit of zest. If you don’t own a pair of animal print booties, you’re missing out!

Rose Gold

Who doesn’t love rose gold? These are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe because they will take every outfit to the next level. From your most daring look to your most basic, these shoes will elevate things.

PS– most of these are on sale…



  1. I absolutely LOVE those blush booties with the acrylic heal from Zara! I’m headed to the site right now. And after reading your post, I’m thinking of incorporating some faux snakeskin booties into my wardrobe. Thank you so much for sharing

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