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San Juan Style Diaries


Every place has its own spirit and San Juan, Puerto Rico is no different. From the minute our plane landed and I entered the airport to rhythmic salsa sounds I knew it was going to be a great trip.

First let’s start with the people. They were nothing short of amazing. Every person we encountered from our Uber driver to the bartender at the local bar was happy to answer our questions and ensure that we got the most out of trip. And get the most out of trip we did!

It was an extended weekend trip so there was only so many things we could see and do, but I cannot complain about what we got done. We ate delicious food, drank tasty drinks, visited a deserted island on a boat excursion, and explored Old San Juan. I couldn’t ask for more!

I am proud to say that with the exception of a swimsuit and a denim skirt (which was more for life than the trip), I didn’t shop. Admittedly that’s the advantage of a winter trip. All my summer clothes felt brand new so shopping didn’t feel necessary.

Check out my looks / photos of San Juan:

San Juan

Thanks for being gorgeous San Juan. I will definitely be back!



  1. Super cute! Old San Juan is also the best place for photos because of the old buildings and peeling paint. Maybe I’m partial because had of my family is there but I LOVE it:)

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