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5 Misconceptions About Makeup Lovers


From a young age, I’ve had a fascination with makeup. It started pre-YouTube so I really just took a whack at it and hoped for the best. As I’ve gotten older I’ve mastered my skills. I’m no makeup artist, but I manage to leave the house without looking like a clown. Which to me is something to be proud of.

If you love makeup as much as I do, you’ve probably had your love questioned. On more than one occasion I’ve had someone say they think I look prettier with less makeup. To which I’d love to reply, did I ask for your opinion?! My Caribbean/Latina upbringing prevents me from being so impolite. So, I usually just smile and say thank you. The eye roll comes after they walk away.

I don’t wear makeup because I think I’m a hideous beast underneath it. There may have points in my more insecure days when I thought I needed makeup, but I have found my confidence over the years. I know my worth. I know my beauty. Makeup doesn’t define either of those things.

A  few misconceptions we need to clear up…

We wear makeup because we think we need it.


Makeup is art. Period. When I do my makeup it can literally feel like I am painting my face at times. Each brush stroke creates a beautiful effect that leads to amazing end result. Every eyeshadow or lipstick color tells a story and conveys a message. I don’t NEED to do that on a daily basis, but I want to.

We wear makeup because we’re stuck up.


You could beat your face with makeup from the dollar store and look fabulous so this sentiment could not be farther from the truth. Yes, some girls have more expensive taste than others, but some of the most down to earth people I’ve met were wearing highlight, contour, and a set of lashes. Some of the most elitist people I’ve met have been the ones who look down on wearing makeup. Sooo….

We hate how we look without makeup.


I think every work of art needs the proper canvas. Meaning if you do not feel beautiful without makeup, you won’t feel beautiful with it. Do I prefer wearing a full face of makeup? Of course. That does not mean I don’t love the feeling of being fresh faced. The ability to touch your face without the worry smudging is very freeing.

We wear makeup for male attention.


This is ridiculous. For one thing, men hate makeup. My boyfriend is supportive of my makeup love, but that does not mean he likes to kiss me with a vampy lip on (even though I always tell him it’s long-wear and won’t come off). Men are the first ones to say they prefer us without makeup. So it is definitely not for them and shouldn’t be.

We wear makeup for attention, period.


I treat fashion and makeup the same way. I do it for me. I do not care if you think I should do less or more as your opinion is irrelevant to me. I like to get dolled up. I like to try new palettess. I like to experiment with color/technique. Half of the fun is putting it on and the only person who sees me do that is me. So you can take the attention you think I want and shove it.

We don’t not judge girls who prefer less (or no makeup). So stop judging us. We’re shining (and not just because of our awesome highlighter)!



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