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Denim You Should Swap Out Your Skinny Jeans For


We’re at a beautiful point in the denim world. Pretty much every style of denim is in. It is so refreshing!

There was a time that if you wore anything other than a skinny jean you looked a bit outdated. Now anything goes! So why not have a little fun with the next you pair of jeans?

Embroidered Denim

Photo: Cassidy Lou
Photo: Cassidy Lou

You have probably seen embroidery on everything lately. Denim is no exception to this trend. This the perfect way to dress up a simple white tee or chunky sweater. Effortlessly chic.


High Low Denim

Photo: Izatan

You could go out and buy a pair OR  you can DIY. I personally did the latter with a pair of jeans that were a little too long for me (#ShortGirlProblems). This is such a fun unique look. The trend haven’t over saturated the denim market so you can wear it without fear of seeing many others wearing the same thing.

American Eagle
American Eagle

Cropped Flares

Photo: Glamour
Photo: Glamour

If there’s any trend you should DIY, it is this one. Every girl has a pair of flare jeans that they held onto in the hopes of one day being able to wear again. While regular flares are totally wearable, cropped flares are the way to update the look. These jeans look great both dressed up with pumps or dressed down with sneakers.


Two-Tone Denim

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

It just daring enough to make you look a risk taker without bringing you out of your comfort zone. The look has been cropping up slowly, but is guaranteed to be big amongst the trendsetters. Why not be one of them?


Denim Skirt

Photo: Fashion Gum
Photo: Fashion Gum

Okay this doesn’t fall into the jean category, but a denim skirt is a must have addition to your denim collection. What better way to break away from skinny jeans than to not wear jeans at all? The denim skirt has made a major comeback. Hop on the bandwagon. There’s plenty of room.


Are you going to switch up your denim?



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