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What to Wear to Your Next Festival

Festival season is officially upon us! The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this weekend in Indio, California is usually what gets things started. Due to the ever growing popularity of festival season, it has become a staple for retailers when planning out their seasons.

What once used to be organic style now has a section dedicated to it during this time of year. Entire collections are built around it. If you are headed to Coachella this weekend, you will not have issues finding something to wear. If you need a little inspiration though, I am as always here to help.

Go Sheer


Sheer tops, pants, dresses etc. are the perfect addition to your festival wardrobe. It gives you an effortless look that is sexy in an understated way. The trend is so big that it will not be where to find it, but which style should you choose.

Take a Deep Plunge


A deep V is typically a tricky look to pull off during the day. At a festival, no one judges. Less is more is encouraged. So you rock that deep V, girl. It looks super chic.

Skip the Pants


Oversized tees are making such a big come back this season. The trend that was huge in the 90’s is now a must have item again. It’s no surprise that this would have trickled into festival season.

Ditch the Top Too


Continuing on with the less is more outlook– bralettes. Whether it is worn on it’s own, under a jacket, or a pair of overalls it always adds a bit of edge to your look.

Break Out the Bodysuit


When all else fails, you can never go wrong with a bodysuit. It acts as a great base for your look whether your are a minimalist or maximalist.

PS– One pitfall out wearing a bodysuit to a festival– going to the bathroom. Weird to bring up, but important to be addressed. Most festivals only have porta potties. Meaning you want to get in and get out. Doing that in a bodysuit is difficult!

Don’t Sleep on Boho Prints


Just because it is the more predictable choice does not make it the wrong one. Boho print items will always have a place at festivals. It is a safer decision, but there are ways to put your own unique spin on it.

Put on Your Duster


Dusters are everywhere this spring. They’re perfect for festivals because they are lightweight for during the day, but warm enough to keep you comfortable when the sun goes down. Dusters add bit of drama as well.

Accessories are Key


Rings, body chains, chokers, sunglasses, hats, bandanas, head scarves, etc– this is what makes your festival look stand out. You could have an amazing outfit, but if your accessories are lacking the whole thing will fall flat. During festival season, this is even more so the case. Accessories an absolute must to pull off a great look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Makeup


The most fun thing about festivals is the fact that you can do fun things with makeup. Dramatic eyes, fun colors, and bold glittery face paint are all perfectly acceptable at festivals. In fact, it is encouraged.

Wear Flowers in Your Hair (…Not a Crown)


Can we have a moment of silence for the flower crown? It is dead. Not just dead, but buried in the ground at this point. RIP. That doesn’t mean you cannot wear flowers in your hair though. Just do it in a different way. Try sticking a few into a braid or twist for an updated flower look.

Bonus points if you use real flowers.

What do YOU wear during festival season?


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