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9 Must Have Accessories for Spring

I am not going to pretend that I have stopped shopping for clothing entirely. That would be a lie, but I can say that my focus has definitely been on accessories this spring. Whether it was shoes, jewelry, bags, etc, I have noticed that my real wardrobe enhancements have been coming from accessories. Here are the items that are an absolute must have this spring/summer.

Embellished Shoes/Bags

Jeffrey Campbell

It could be pom poms, tassels, or jewels, but you need shoes and bags with a little bit of flair this season. This trend will be very easy to find both in store and online.

Neck Scarves

Vince Camuto

Neck scarves aren’t just for your grandmother or fancy ladies on their way to tea. Pair this with a leather jacket and denim shorts for the perfect bit of edge.

Wicker Bags

J. McLaughlin

The ultimate springtime accessory! The best thing is that it is a classic. This might not be an ideal work or going out bag, but it is great for all of the fabulous daytime activities you have planned.

Statement Earrings

Charming Charlie

Statements earrings are finally back and having their day in the sun. They sort of took a back to statement necklaces and chokers for a while, but we are back to your ears joining in on the fun. As a pixie haired girl, it is safe to say I am very excited.

Corset Belt

River Island

If you’re looking for a way to really take your look to the next level get a corset belt. It is eye-catching and statement making. Try pairing it with an oversized white button up and jeans. It will be so effortlessly cool.

Bracelet Bag

Louise et Cie

This bag is perfectly dainty and feminine for the spring. Depending on the color/style you get, this can double as a daytime and nighttime activity bag. The best part is that you wear them as a bracelet, which basically makes  them an afterthought while you are out.

Dad Caps

Urban Outfitters

The appropriately named “dad cap” is screaming 90’s dad in the coolest way possible. Obviously more appropriate for causal setting, this hat could be an awesome cure for a bad hair day and/or a day at the pool/beach. It is perfect to mix into your weekend style.

Grandpa Glasses


Continuing on with the men in your life that you admire– grandpa glasses. I think my grandfather actually had a pair similar to ones that are popular. This trend isn’t for everyone, but if you’re one who likes to make a splash with your eyewear (prescription on non-prescription), this is the look for you!

Bobby Pins/Hair Clips

If we are embellishing your shoes and bags, so we might as well do it with your hair as well. Naturally, because I love you all, the last item on this list is extremely inexpensive. You can get cute hair clips and/or bobby pins for under $5.

PS– Go for a bold metallic or a color when choosing bobby pins. Rather than using them for their actual purpose, try making a fun standout design with them on the front, back or side of your hair.

What is YOUR favorite spring accessory?




  1. I’m loving the dad caps trend. I’m all over it! Washing your hair is the WORST. I like the bracelet bag idea too, my purse is enormous and not great for spring activities that involve a lot of walking (i.e. the farmer’s market).

    My favorite spring accessory is a good pair of wedge sandals. They can be dressed up or down and the heel is more comfortable in a wedge form.

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