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8 Undergarments Every Fashionista Should Own

Ladies! Summer dress season is upon us. The weather has been so up and down lately that quite frankly it has been hard to tell what season we are in. It is in fact spring though and by now we all should have shed the tights.

Which brings us to very important conversation — undergarments. You might be thinking, ‘Lex I’m an adult, I think I know what kind of undergarments I should be wearing and honestly this is a personal conversation’.

This may very well be true, but I’m fairly optimistic that I might give you at least ONE new idea. Also, we’re all friends here so I think it’s okay to discuss what going on underneath our cute outfits. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Shapewear is great for creating clean lines. It might not flatten things out too much, but it definitely holds everything in place. Wear shapewear underneath your favorite sheath dress, pencil skirt, shift dress, and anything else in your wardrobe that’s form-fitting.

Typically dresses and skirts are made of materials that are very light. Meaning that no matter what kind of undies you have on, there’s a chance they’ll peek through. Panty lines are bad, but in no way are thong lines better. Do you really want your coworkers to know what kind of underwear you have on? No.

Note: It’s important to get the right size. If shapewear is too small it can affect circulation (and be very uncomfortable). If it’s too large, well that just defeats the purpose. Most shapewear has a guide that can help you pick the right size.

Slip (Half or Full)

Full Slip | Anemone

Yes underwear for outerwear is very much so a thing these days, but a slip does serve an actual purpose. We all have those dresses or skirts that probably should have come with some lining and didn’t. Rather than risk exposing yourself to the world, wear a slip underneath. You could wear a slip dress or a half slip depending on the garment. Both are good to have in your arsenal.

Half Slip | Ilusion

Plunging Strapless Bra

Victoria’s Secret

This is really the only type of strapless bra that you need. It works well with most strapless or sleeveless garments. The coverage is full with the exception of the cleavage area which is the same as wearing a regular bra. These strapless bras are great because they work with most necklines and give a little lift. Who wouldn’t want that?

Vanity Fair

Note: For the girls who are fuller in the chest area, this bra may not give you the support that you need. An alternative could be a bra will clear straps or going for a strapless bra that is geared for large breasts. Go for a thick bottom strap. This will keep things in place.



I won’t panty shame anyone, but I will be candid when I say they serve little purpose in my life especially with pants. Thongs create a smooth (non-existent) line because once again no one needs to know what kind of undies you have on.

My suggestion would be to wear thongs primarily with pants in the summer. Anything else you risk showing more than you would like to. In the winter because you’re usually in tights, there is no risk of exposure.

T-Shirt Bra


I used to wear a heavily padded push-up bra every day. It’s probably the product of spending my teenage years in the early 2000’s when large (fake) boobs and flashy cleavage was king. Current silhouettes make push-up bras unnecessary in most cases. A t-shirt bra creates a more flattering effect. Wear under a t-shirt (duh), button up, blouse, and your favorite dress (that has sleeves). Get one in every color because you’ll get A LOT of use out of it.



Boyshort underwear should be worn under shorts, A-line/skater skirts, and fit and flare dresses. It’s obvious why we would wear these with certain skirts/dresses, but we often think we can get away with wearing a thong with shorts. In reality, most shorts tend to pucker out exposing us to the world. This is why full coverage undies are must. Unlike panties, boyshorts do not give you a panty line when worn with shorts/skirts.


Honeydew Intimates

With all of the sheer chicness that is trending right now a bralette is an absolute must. They are typically very inexpensive so don’t be afraid to keep your collection growing. Bralettes are great to wear under sheer tops and tanks that have a large arm hole. They are also great for toning down a plunging neckline. This is the one case where it is completely okay for your bra to be showing.

Double-Sided Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets

And sometimes the neckline is so dramatic that undergarments are impossible. In this case, to prevent flashing, invest in double-sided tape. I recommend using at least three pieces of tape on each side at the seam just to make sure things are locked in. You can also use the tape give your girls a little lift, but I leave that to your discretion on how you achieve that. Every girl has a different way.

PS– the tape DOES hurt when you take it off. I will not sugar coat it.

What are YOUR undergarment must haves?

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