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Splurge: The Perfect Summer Foundation

Typically once the summertime hits, much to my chagrin, I ditch foundation and switch over to BB or CC cream. Why? My skin has a complete melt down with or without makeup. Foundation is only adding fuel to fire. So I stopped using it during the day, saving it for nights out or days when extra coverage is needed.

I won’t say this makeup subtraction makes my skin thrive, but it definitely is a huge help. That being said, I love foundation. Not for the coverage, but for the even/smooth tone it provides. So when I stumbled upon a foundation with medium coverage and SPF 40 I knew I may have found my summer match.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is the literally the best thing I have added to my makeup routine in a long time. It is super moisturizing (has lychee, bamboo grass, and cordyceps mushroom extract), but provides great coverage at the same time. The finish looks completely weightless, natural, and dewey. The best part is that it offers solid sun protection. This is important all year long, but especially during the summer months when our sun exposure is increased.

If you are a girl like me who would prefer not to forego foundation during the summer, this is definitely the one for you. I may even keep using it well past the summer months! It is definitely a splurge. I admittedly got it at a sample sale for a steal, but having used it I would definitely buy it again (at full price). A little goes a long way with this foundation so it will definitely last all the way through the summer (and probably into the fall).

Would YOU splurge on this foundation?


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