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The 2 Ways I Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is said to have many benefits from treating cuts to fungal infections. It is one of those all purpose essential oils that is great to have in your arsenal. Personally, I tend to only use tea tree oil for my hair and skin.

For my face I use artnaturals tea tree oil at night to help keep those pesky whiteheads at bay. Especially during the summer. It is particularly effective after doing a face mask. The tingle is pretty intense, but the next morning my skin is always positively dewy. I always mix it with Vitamin E oil to lock in some extra moisture.

In addition to my face, I use it on my hair. Tea tree oil is great for treating a dry scalp. Before I wash my hair I slather on a mix of tea tree oil and almond oil and put on a plastic conditioning cap. I let it work its magic for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash it out. I use artnaturals Tea Tree Shampoo to add an extra punch. It has peppermint and aloe vera in it as well so the result is a moisturized deep clean.

As previously mentioned there are so many ways to use tea tree oil. For me though, these two ways are the most beneficial. My skin and hair are really thriving now that I have incorporated tea tree oil into my routine.

Note: Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Shampoo were courtesy of artnaturals

How do YOU use tea tree oil?


  1. Hey, nice way of using tea tree oil. I’ll surely try your way of using it on hair. I have one more way of using this oil on Acne so please check out my post please hit a like if you find it worth. Thanks and stay connected!

  2. Getting natural hair oil for hair not only keeps hairs healthy, but also helps to get rid from the dry scalp problems. I always love to prefer natural things for my skin and hair. Love to read as i am moving in the right direction.

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