10 Off-The-Shoulder Tops Perfect for Summer

Do not give anyone the cold shoulder this summer!  For all of your vacations, beach trips, barbecues and fun nights of the summer, throw some shine on those show-stopping shoulders.

This trend dates back to the 1800s and has continually resurfaced over the past two centuries. Today some of the biggest names in fashion such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner are rocking this look. So of course you need to get in on this trend as well.

Here are 10 must have off-the-shoulder tops ( all below $30) that will help you have a memorable summer!

Simple & Black

This will be your go-to shirt. Easy to accessorize, affordable, and bold. It is perfect for pulling a stylish and polished look together– even at the last minute.


You’ve been working hard at the gym for that summer body. So show it off a little with an off-the-shoulder crop top!

Long Sleeves

This shirt is perfect for those chilly summer nights. Get a top in a color that complements your complexion!

One Shoulder

If you’re not ready to give up both shoulders or just want to change it up a bit. Try a one shoulder off-the-shoulder top!


White is the hot color this summer! This top will give you a cool and crisp vibe. It can also be paired well with statement necklaces or earrings.


If you already own a denim jacket, this style will be simple to achieve. If not, it will be easy to find a very affordable one and spice up your look. Denim is always in style.


Stretchy, lightweight, long-sleeved bodysuit that features sheer mesh throughout AND an off-the-shoulder neckline?! This is just screaming a good time.

Coordinate Set

Coordinate sets are summer wardrobe must. You can easily take a look from casual to glam in no time!


We love stripes so much because they are magical. When worn properly, they give an appearance of length and elegance. Have a striped button down? A similar look can also be achieved without hitting the store.


Express yourself this summer with any print that speaks to you. These pieces are often joyous and fun. Pair them with a pair of denim shorts and go enjoy that summer weather!


“Trends come and go. Own them and make them your own. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way just to be trendy.” ~Nina Garcia

Which off-the-shoulder look will you be rocking?

This post was written by fashion contributor Dunique Charles. Don’t forget to check out her blog!

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1 Comment on 10 Off-The-Shoulder Tops Perfect for Summer

  1. Off the shoulder blouses are a must-have for this summer season, with their undeniable versatility to be paired with almost anything. I like the blue stripes one, the color is so fresh and chic.

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