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How to Spice Up Your Next Manicure

Are you in a nail rut? How could you not be? There are only so many nail colors to choose from and you have tried them all. While I have nothing against the one nail color look, there is no denying that sometimes it is nice to add a little personality! If you are looking to switch up your manicure, here are a few ways to do it!



It’s unique and special and definitely will differ from what all of your friends are doing. The best thing about this type of nail art is that precision isn’t necessarily required. This not to say that should try this at home! I would love this fun design to the professionals



If you are a girl who likes her nail art to be a bit more precise this design is the one for you! It is neat, but has a dramatic effect. You definitely need to go a manicurist that specializes in nail art for this one!



Calling all girly girls! Adding a floral print to your manicure is perfect for all your summer activities. It could be a day wedding or simply a weekend adventure.

Negative Space


Negative space is the best manicure for girls who like manicures that are subtly eye-catching. At first glance it may go unnoticed, but it will always garner a second glance.



This is for the the whimsical girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Fruit patterns are all over the runway in designers latest collection, it make sense it would have trickled down to our nails. This look is a fun way to switch things up!



This look is screaming glam! It can be achieve using a metallic nail polish, but the best way to get this effect is by using actual chrome powder.



Yay! A look you CAN achieve at home. If you have a steady hand and thin brush, you can master this glitter look. It’s a personal favorite of mine because it is so easy to do. I have it done it the nail salon over gel powder, but whenever I am giving my nails some time to break I do it at home. Guess what? I even get compliments! I know…insane.

How will YOU spice up your next mani?


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