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How to Stay to Chic on the Fourth of July

Independence Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you are wearing show off your American pride? When I was younger I use to be very anti red, white, blue for the holiday because it felt too obvious. In recent years, I’ve realized that it is I was missing out on all of the fun! Here a few ways to look fab on the fourth.

Add some stripes to your swimwear

There’s a good chance that you’ll be at the beach or pool this weekend so you may as well get a little patriotic with your swimwear. A red and white striped swimsuit with a cute pair of denim shorts is the perfect way to to do it!

Make it easy with a red, white, and blue top

If you can find a red, white, and blue top, your life will be so much easier. The good thing is that this will be super easy to find as most stores tend to rally around the fourth. Also, since there is such a short window — you can probably find something on sale!

Add some denim to your stripes

If you need to dress up your look a bit, go for a red striped midi dress. Add a denim jacket for that pop of blue while you watch the fireworks.

Go for casual patriotism

The fourth of July is typically a causal holiday. So it is okay to skip going overboard and wearing a simple classic look (that can be worn outside of the fourth).

Get patriotic with your accessories

There’s nothing more chic than a scarf these days. Why not add some stars and stripes to your scarf to make your look festive.

Do a festive manicure

It doesn’t just have to be your outfit that is showing your American pride. Get a fun manicure for the weekend and rep that red, white, and blue!

What are YOU wearing for the 4th of July?


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