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Unico Style Diaries: Mexico 2017

Actual first impression of Unico 20°87°: this resort is AMAZING. The lobby is gorgeous. Check in is a breeze and we are immediately greeted by a concierge. We head up to the room which is equally as amazing.  It has a balcony with a jacuzzi and a perfect view of the the pool(s) and ocean.

Honestly, the praise doesn’t stop. The food at every restaurant (steakhouse, Japanese, Mexican, and Italian) was great. Even the buffet and room service (which is typically so so at most resorts) was delicious. My favorite dish at the buffet of course being the tacos that they made right in front of you.

The hotel offered excursions and spa services that only cost a 20 percent service charge. This means you could go to the cenotes (natural pit that exposes ground water underneath) or zip lining at a steal.

We didn’t do an excursion, but my mother, sister, and I took advantage of the spa services. My sister did a massage that she loved. I did a hydrating facial that had me glowing after. My mother did a massage and a facial because she’s the princess of the family.

The beach was great, but we spent most days at the pool. They had cabanas that were first come, first serve, a swim up bar, and a resident DJ every day. The staff was amazingly attentive through out the day,

Unico 20°87° is definitely more low-key than other resorts I have stayed at. I would have thought it I would want a little more excitement, but honestly it was perfect. Sometimes we forget how stressful life is and the importance of relaxation. I came back feeling fully recharged!

Thank you for a wonderful experience Unico, check out my looks  as well as a short vlog below!

Where have YOU traveled this summer?


  1. Where did I travel? T he place is called Treasure Lake in Dubois, PA. You can go boating, swimming, play tennis, golf, shopping, eating out and many more things to do there. I’ve been going there for 36 years.

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