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9 Must Have Pairs of Sunglasses for Summer/Fall

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Every style exudes a different mood. So, why should you be limited to just one? The classics are of course important, but having variety is key to having a well balanced wardrobe.

Here are the sunnies you MUST add to your wardrobe…


These are a total nod to the late 90s/early 2000s. If you are a millennial, you probably bought a pair from Claire’s and they may or may not have had a rhinestone star or heart in the corner…

Forever 21


Square sunglasses are for the girl who likes drama. They take over your look and make a statement.



If you don’t have mirrored lens yet, what are you waiting for?! It is low-key one of the hottest trends happening right now. Just sayin’.

Nordstrom Rack


These are for the cool girls who like to take a style risk. Rimless glasses will definitely add a unique twist to your look!

Zero UV


Round sunnies are a shape you can never go wrong with! The classic staple should always be in your rotation.


3D Decal

These are for girls who like to take a more decadent approach to their sunnies. Sunglasses like these are statement making and are sure to turn some heads.




Once again, the classics will never steer you wrong. Every girl should have at least one pair of aviator sunglasses.

Diff Eyewear

80s Inspired

The 80’s called and they want their sunnies back. If you prefer big frames, this style might not be for you. If you are looking for a way to shift away from your usual frame though, look no further than this retro inspired shape.


90s Inspired

Shout out to my mom Jackie, who slayed oval sunglasses in the 90s when I was growing up. I wish she still had a pair…I would steal them.


Honorable Mention: Clear Lens

Okay, so these are not sunglasses because they literally provide zero UV protection. They are worth mentioning though as everyone and their mother seems to own a pair. So why shouldn’t you?! Best part about them– you will still look cool when you wear them inside.

Steve Madden

Which sunglasses will you be rockin’?

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