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6 Lip Colors to Pick Up on Your Next Target Run

Lipstick can make or break your outfit. A seemingly lackluster look can be taken to the next level with the right lipstick choice. Now that it is officially fall, there should be a shift in the lip colors you are opting to wear. Here a few that you should add to your collection immediately if you don’t have them already.

PS –  you can grab all of these colors on your next Target haul (and they’re all under $10).

Dark Red

This is a fall classic and you can never go wrong with it. You can easily take this color from day to night.

Revlon Ultimate Wine | $8.29


Black can be intimidating if you are not one to wear vampy colors on a regular basis. If you frequently rock a dark lip, black is the obvious next step.

e.l.f. Black Out | $3.00


Bold Purple

A rich true purple is perfect for the fall. It compliments most colors and adds just the right amount of pop.

Maybelline 45 Escapist | $7.99

Burnt Orange

Your pumpkin spice latte is not the only thing that should be burnt orange. This color is true fall and compliments every skin tone.

Milani Bronze Beauty | $4.99


Taupe Lip

If you are looking for a nude that is a little more dramatic, try taupe. It has grey and brown undertones. Be sure to do a swatch test though! This color can wash you out if you do not pick the right one for your complexion.

Pro tip: Use brown lip liner underneath the lipstick to bring some life to the color.

NYX Confident | $6.99


Au natural is trending. If your lips need a break from drying effects of lipstick, don’t be afraid to go bare on occasion. Your lips will thank you! Use a lip balm or clear gloss to add a bit of punch to your lips though.

Vaseline | $1.79

Which lip color will YOU being trying?

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