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22 Activewear Pieces That Will Get You to the Gym

I hate working out from start to finish. My favorite part of a workout class is when I can tell the end is near. That’s usually when the instructor starts stretching you out and takes on a more soothing tone.

My least favorite parts are when you feel like you’re on the brink of death and the instructor enthusiastically shouts “Great warmup!”, something along the lines of “Keep pushing towards your fitness goals”, or any encouraging antidote that includes the phrase, “fitness journey”.

When someone says “fitness journey”, all I want to do is take a journey to a basket of french fries. I am not that girl who loves going to the gym. If I could maintain my figure and health by watching reruns of Law and Order SVU and eating tacos all day that’s what I would do. Alas, that’s not how things work.

It’s been about one month of being back on the fitness wagon and I have to say that I have been feeling great. I have an outlet to relieve stress and renewed energy. For me, “fitness goals” set you up for disappointment. So, I am going into this solely for the purpose of staying healthy and adding more muscle definition to my body over time. There’s no specific date that things need to be achieved by, I’ll just chug along and see what happens.

In addition to potentially living longer, the one major perk of working out is that it gives me something new to shop for. In life, when you look good, you feel good. The same way a new dress might make you excited to get ready for work, a new active set will get you pumped for the gym. It won’t make that barre class any easier, but you will start off feeling confident and ready. Check out the pieces below to get a boost for your next workout.

What do YOU wear to the gym?



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