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5 Bag Shapes Every Girl Should Have

Bags are often an overlooked accessory. We put a lot of care into our outfit, shoes, hair, and makeup. Then when it is time to leave, we dump our belongings into the bag that seems to clash the least. Do not be mistaken, bags are just as important as the rest of your look (and the best wardrobe investment you can make). Let’s face it, well worn shoes do not last forever and clothes go out of style. A good bag can last forever though. Here are the must have bags for your wardrobe.


Dooney & Burke

This is literally the most classic silhouette you can go for. A satchel is the type of bag that will always draw compliments no matter how old or new it is.



If you are girl who likes to bring a water bottle, her lunch, a make bag, and a pair of heels to change into on your commute to work, a tote is highly recommended. Go for leather instead of fabric. It will have a clean, polished, and professional look.



Thank goodness backpacks are trending again! It is so great for weekend adventures and casual Friday. You can carry all the essentials whilst looking care-free. This trend is definitely here to stay, but stick with a classic shape/color for longevity.


Crossbody bags are also a great casual on-the-go bag. These are perfect for brunches, shopping trips, and nights out with friends. Everything you need is super assessable and kept very close to your person.


Nico Giani

Whether it is the color, shape, or both,Β  every girl needs a fun bag in her life. Since this is one of your staples, I wouldn’t get too trendy. You still want this bag to stand the stand the test of time.Β  (PS — this particular bag is a total splurge and more of example than anything else)

Which bag do YOU like to carry?



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