Lex Thoughts

5 Years of Lex Loves Couture

Five years ago, I took my boredom/creativity and wrote a blog post about outerwear. The goal of the post was not to reach the glitterati attending every season of fashion week. It was for the post to be relatable and informative for every woman.

Half a decade later, I would like to believe that I have continued to keep that mission in mind. I have added new categories to my site as the years have gone by but, Lex Loves Couture is and will always be dedicated to affordable fashion and beauty.

Thank you first to my amazing readers both old and new for being outstandingly supportive. Thank you to the amazing bloggers and influencers whom have shown me the ins and outs of blogging world. Thank you to my friends who are willing to listen to me vent to about the superficial woes of blogging and provide constant encouragement. Thank you to my loving boyfriend who is always willing to do a shoot with me and doesn’t kill me when I say, “sorry can you just take a few more…my leg looks weird”.

To my day ones, my family, you get your own paragraph. My father literally makes me feel like an undiscovered celebrity and is always a confidence boost when I am at my lowest. My sister is always my biggest cheerleader and the first one to give my tough love when I need it. My mother is my life coach, strategic analyst, and the Kris Jenner to my Kim Kardashian. She listens to me vent about the struggle to build a larger following, get recognition, etc. I yell at her once a week for telling me exactly what I need to hear. Through it all she has knack for making the bitter pills sweeter, which I guess only a mother can do. I love and appreciate you all so much.

Blogging has taken me on a journey that’s been completely unexpected. I always say I just needed a creative outlet and never intended for it to be more than that. While there is so much more that I want to achieve, I can’t sit here five years later and not be grateful. So, thank you all for five fantastic years. Here’s to many more!


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