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Making a Case for the Beret


For fashion week in February 2016, I searched high and low for a beret.  I had just gotten my hair cut into an angled bob with bangs so it felt right. Not to toot my own horn, but it was ridiculously chic. Wearing a beret in early 2016, puts me in the second wave. It was popping up on the runways and on style stars for a couple seasons before I felt comfortable rocking it.

Forever 21 is now selling berets. So we are now in the third wave. It has hit the masses and wearing one is not quite as much of a trend setter move as it once was. That being said, IF you buy one now you are still ahead of the game. It’s like chokers. If you were wearing a choker while your friends were wearing statement necklaces, you were winning the style race.

The beret is the new fedora. So, if you are a hat person, this is the  trend to hop on. While the fedora has its boho charms, the beret goes both ways. Classic and bohemian girls alike can mold a beret into their personal style.

Best part of the beret? It works for every hair type/length! From a pixie cut to hair down to your waist, there’s a beret that works for you! If your hair is curly with volume, I would recommend get a beret with a structure base so that it fits over your awesome tresses. Anyone can rock one though!

So, lesson of the day — buy a beret. It is the fall/winter must have. Check out a few beret options below!

So, will YOU wear a beret?

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