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#TimesUp: All Black Golden Globes 2018


Fashion has a different impact on everyone. For me, it evokes emotion. Whether it is a fabulous outfit I spot on the street or a beautiful designer look on the runway —  fashion moves me. Last night as I looked at a usually colorful red carpet that was replaced with a sea of black I felt something indescribable. The best word I can muster is “hope”. Seeing these women (and men) stand side by side in solidarity of women who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace brought me hope.

When I heard about the move to wear all black to the Golden Globes I’ll admit that I was skeptical. While most stay away from the color during the awards season, it is not foreign on red carpet. So would it really be that impactful? I also thought that the only way this will make a statement is if most people do it. Well, with the exception of three people — everyone wore black. It was a silent yet powerful declaration that spoke volumes about the change that is to come.

Everyone looked absolutely stunning, but below were some of my favorite looks of the night:

What did YOU think of last night’s red carpet?

For more information on the #TimesUp movement, click here.

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