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My Simple Skincare Routine


There are so many amazing products out there that I am dying to try. In the end, I have come to terms with the fact that for the best skincare results (for me)  —  less is more. In the past, I have gotten into complicated skincare routines and then got so confused as to why my skin is breaking out or constantly dry.

A prime example occurred when the temperature first dropped at the start of the winter. My skin was so dry that I had dry patches on my eyelids. I was confused because I was using serums, oils, and near daily face masks. What could possibly be the problem?

Well that was it. I was doing way too much. To give my skin a reset I upped my water intake significantly and eliminated everything except for face wash, toner, almond or vitamin E oil, and facial moisturizer. On occasion, I’ll use micellar water or makeup removing wipes if I have a dramatic eye or lip, but I do not use it everyday. I’ll also do a mask, but no more than once per week.

I planned on slowly reintroducing my other products, but I never did because I noticed that not only was my skin back to normal — it was thriving. I still get the occasional dry patch on super cold days and I am sure that when the season changes I will have a few breakouts. Those things are to be expected, but overall simplicity has made my skin live up to its true potential!

Here’s my 4 step skincare routine:

  1. Wash face with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. Most facial cleansers strip away moisture, but this cleanser does the exact opposite leaving your skin super soft. It also takes off makeup very well. You may need to rinse and repeat if you wear a good amount of foundation or mascara though.
  2. Tone with witch hazel. Toner removes the residue your facial cleanser may have missed. If you wear foundation it is an absolute must. I do not have a strong preference on which brand that I use. I just opt for something that is alcohol-free to avoid drying out my skin
  3. Coat skin with an oil. I bounce between Vitamin E and almond oil depending on state of my skin. Almond oil has much thicker consistency so it really only used on days my skin is feeling a little lack lackluster. Vitamin E oil is my go to day-to-day.
  4. Lock in moisture with CeraVe facial lotion. This step seals everything in so that your skin has a smooth dewy look. I use one lotion for the morning and one for the evening before bed. The daytime lotion is a little heavier and contains sun protection, while the evening lotion is lightweight.

Note: If my skin needs a little extra TLC I will swap steps 3 and 4 and do the oil last so it can sit on top of my skin overnight. It’s kind of like doing a sleeping mask!

The best part of this is that with the exception of my facial moisturizer I use the same products for both day and night. Saves a lot of time and money! If you have normal to dry skin I encourage you to try it.

What is your skincare routine?



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