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8 Belt Bags Under $100

Every fashion week there is always at least one trend that sticks out to me. It may not be new, but it is usually the first time that I am seeing it in a wearable and relatable way. That trend this season  for me was belt bags (better known as fanny packs). Yes, that fanny pack that your mom wore when she took you to Disney World in the 1990s has made a major comeback. I touched on it briefly previously, but after fashion week my eyes were really opened.

Gone are the days of wearing these bags for practicality and functionality though. While those benefits still exist, the styling is what makes this retro trend so cool. Whether you wear it as an actual belt or over your shoulder like a crossbody, a belt bag is an absolute must.

Besides the fact that it took me some time to take this trend seriously, the major deterrent for hopping on was the cost. It’s been big in the high fashion world, but had not trickled down to fast fashion quite yet. After doing some affordable fashion scouring I have found super cute (and inexpensive) belt bags that would be an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

Will you be trying the belt bag trend?

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