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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 Recap

I am not going to lie. This past season of New York Fashion Week really tested my resolve. I feel like I almost jinxed myself by sharing why I am not over fashion week. There were several moments where I had ask myself, “Why the @#$% am I here”? Then I heard my mother’s voice in my head saying, “Buck up”! Everything could easily be turned into a positive or a learning lesson with a change in perspective.

The long lines allowed me to meet some great bloggers/influencers. What better to do than to talk to the fabulous people around you while you wait? The public relations teams and building security were rude at times, but they really give what they get. A polite smile and “thank you” usually goes a long way. Lastly the shows were overbooked, but maybe arriving  a few minutes before it starts isn’t the best idea? Next season I will definitely be more mindful of getting there earlier.

I continue to refuse to become one of those jaded influencers. Even with the negatives, this season (like every other) was an amazing experience. Here is recap of my looks and the shows I went to!

My Looks

This season, I was even more thoughtful with my looks than I have been in the past. I built all of my outfits around my outerwear. In the past I have done the opposite, but I would say the flip paid off. You spend a good chunk of time outside so what you are wearing underneath your coat is not exactly what matters. I don’t why it has taken me so long to realize this.

Also, I ditched the super short hair for a few days and went incognito with a bob wig. It was my first time wearing one, but I have to say it definitely won’t be my last. I loved switching up my look for the shows and think I may keep up the tradition next season…

The Shows

Noon by Noor

Photos: Fashion Week Online

What I love about Noon by Noor every season is the wearability in its silhouettes. Sometimes you go to a show and while the designs are beautiful, you know that is not something that you could see yourself wearing. Obviously there is an elevated edge, but at the same time it is relatable. I also am huge fan of the pops of color!

Tadashi Shoji

Photos: Fashion Week Online

The first time I got invited to Tadashi Shoji, I couldn’t contain my excitement. My feelings toward the brand has not changed! As usual, the detailing was exquisite. I was living for all of the high slits and sequins! The soft waves and subtle makeup paired perfectly with designs that stood out on their own.

Raul Peñaranda

Photo: Raul Peñaranda Facebook

This was a very cool presentation. It is had a Great Gatsby theme. The models’ finger waves, dramatic eyes, and stunning gowns all fit the part. The Baccarat Hotel served as the perfect backdrop!

Custo Barcelona

Photos: The Cut

This was my first time attending a Custo Barcelona show and it did not disappoint. The out of the the box designs sent shockwaves down the runway. Each look elevated the previous one. It was a huge collection (68 looks!) that ranged from cocktail dresses to outerwear. I was a particular fan of the embellished outerwear!

Son Jung Wan

Photos: Fashion Week Online

I absolutely adored this collection. Fall shows can sometimes stay away from color, but Son Jung Wan did the exact opposite. Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but the same cannot be said for fall!

The Blonds

Photos: Fashion Week Online

My fashion week came to an end in the most exciting way. I had the opportunity to go backstage at The Blonds show. I saw it all from hair and makeup to seeing the designs before they hit the runway. As with previous seasons the star studded show wowed us. From the Preciosa Crystal covered models to a fierce performance by the incomparable Daphne Guinness, it was a night no one will forget. I know I certainly won’t!

Til next time New York Fashion Week!


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