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For the first time ever my sister and I took a sister trip. We have been on family vacations practically every year of our lives, but surprisingly we have never traveled together alone. I knew it was going to be a great time, but to say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

We started in Los Angeles and stayed there for three days. While there we explored downtown, headed over to Venice, hiked on Runyon Canyon, grabbed drinks in Hollywood, and took touristy pics at the LACMA. There was definitely more to see and do, but I definitely feel like our time in LA was well spent.

From there we headed out to the desert for Coachella! My sister rented a Lexus convertible so we rode with the top down all the way to Palm Springs. Once we got there, it basically felt like a marathon. A good marathon, but exhausting all the same.

Coachella was an amazing experience. The art displays were a feast for the eyes. The natural scenery was gorgeous. The music was fantastic (Beyoncé being the highlight of course #Beychella). The best thing outside of the actual experience was that it was so organized that logistics (shuttles, bathrooms, food, etc.) didn’t take away from the actual experience.

As to be expected, festivals are draining. No amount of fun can mask the fact that you have been standing and walking endlessly for three days. It was all worth it though!

Things I am happy I packed:

  • JOY 900-Watt SupremeSteamer& Go MiniSteamer*: This was literally a godsend. I have a steamer at home that I use everyday and whenever I travel I miss it terribly. Most of my clothing needs to be steamed rather than ironed. I used it almost everyday while I was away. While this steamer may be very small, it packs a big punch and gets the job done. I would highly recommend. Get one here.
  • Bandana: The first thing people mentioned when I said I was going to Coachella was the dust. I thought I would look crazy with a bandana around my face, but in reality I would have looked crazy without one. The dust was insane at night. It literally was so thick that it looked like fog. My allergies still kicked up, but I don’t know what I would have done if I had not had it.
  • Comfortable shoes: I saw a lot of girls in cute booties and my only thought was good for them, but I am happy I am not in their shoes (literally). By the end of the day, no matter what shoe you have on your feet kill. I can only imagine how I would have felt with even the slightest heel.

Only thing I wish I packed:

  • Allergy medication: As previously mentioned, anyone that had been before said something about the dust. I am deathly allergic to dust, but why bring allergy medication? It’s more fun to sneeze every two seconds and be congested for three days straight. If I ever go again, the first thing I’ll pack is some Zyrtec. Live and learn, right?

My LA Looks

My Coachella Looks

Which look is your favorite?

*Disclosure: This steamer is courtesy of Joy Mangano


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