Rent The Runway Unlimited: Worth It?

When I moved out of my last apartment, I donated close to 15 bags of clothes. What was in those bags? Honestly, between you and me I could not tell you. Clearly nothing I regret giving away and clearly nothing that was a necessity to my wardrobe.

For a little while, it felt great to not be so bogged down by all of the excess clothing. Then I basically went through my entire clothing rotation and starting feeling that familiar yearning for newness. You can remix only so much before your clothing starts feeling tired and boring.

It was nice not to mindlessly shop though. My closet wasn’t filling up with things I would wear once and then forget about. So how to do you get that newness, without the clutter?

Enter Rent the Runway. A friend mentioned that her coworker started doing it and got four new pieces per week. I was leery at first, but then I saw the selection. Amazing (and chic) designer pieces that I could keep in rotation for as long or as short as I want to.

The best part — I will always only need four hangers for what would appear to be a very extensive wardrobe.

I am not one who only likes to shop in one place. So, I will be honest when I say that Rent the Runway will not be the be all end all for my shopping. For things such as denim, basics, and shoes I will be sticking with regular retailers. I also will occasionally sprinkle in pieces I do not want to part with after a few wears.

For my day-to-day office looks, blogger events, weddings, etc. I know that Rent the Runway will be a godsend. I am girl who likes to change up her look and keep things interesting on the fashion front. It will be nice to do so without hurting my wallet and my storage space.

The price ($159) is steep if you are not one who shops frequently. If you are like me and need a way to refresh your wardrobe, but also need to rein in the spending a bit this seems like the perfect option. The real key is to keep your non-rental shopping at the bare minimum. Buying something every now and then is fine, but if you do more than that it will defeat the purpose and you would likely end up spending more.

I am going to keep this going for a while and see how it goes. Will do an update once I have really submerged into the unlimited experience. So far, it has been great!

PS — this post is NOT sponsored. I’m just trying to spread the good word and help my fashionistas out!

Pictured: Habitual Top

Would YOU try Rent the Runway unlimited?



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