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7 Summer 2018 Trends You Need to Try

It does not officially start until Thursday, but I think it is okay unofficially address our current season as summer, don’t you? This means if you have not already, it is time start revamping your summer wardrobe a bit. Here are some trends that would all be amazing additions.

Rainbow Stripes

Photo: Pinterest

The happier the stripes the better. This is a print that will have you smiling from ear to ear (even on the cloudiest of days). If you are looking to expand your color palette, this is a way to dive in head first.



Photo: Who What Wear

While not necessarily a new trend, this season plastic has hit an entirely new stride. It has expanded from footwear to bags and even clothes.


Scarf Print

Photo: Pinterest

We can’t all afford Versace (the origin of this print), but there are plenty of “knock offs” that are completely valid and respectful to the brand. Note there is imitation and then there is is straight up robbery. It is important to be able to differentiate the two!


Puff Sleeves

Photo: Pinterest

The 80s are back and not in the tacky way they came back in the late 2000s when we were all decked out in neon and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. Puff sleeves are a tasteful nod to era that can easily be updated.


Checkered Print

Photo: Who What Wear

While usually reserved for the fall, checkered print has completely crossed over into the spring/summer. You call go full race car checkers, plaid, and the summertime fave gingham.

Zara (exact dress)

Straw Bag

Photo: Pinterest

This is a definite spill over from last year. The big difference between this year and last being that this year it is a lot easier to find an affordable straw bag! It the perfect add on to a daytime look.


Dad Sneakers

Photo: Who What Wear

So, it took me a while to accept this, but dad sneaker are hot and for the foreseeable future here to stay. They really do look like sneakers you dad might wear as he does some yard work, but styled the right way it and they take on a whole new life. These will also very easily carry into the fall/winter.


Honorable Mention: Sock Sneakers

Photo: Pinterest

While dad sneaks are definitely the reigning champion it would be remiss to not as least mention their more attractive looking cousin — sock sneakers. And hey Cardi B cosigns them!




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