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My Go To Summer Foundation

It was a slow start, but now that summer has actually started acting like summer I needed to switch up my foundation. In came Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables™ Longwear Liquid Foundation*. A waterproof, sweat proof, and weather proof long-wear foundation that genuinely lives up to its name.

I really put this foundation through the ringer to test it out. The biggest test being when I wore it to a morning event and then met up with friends later in the afternoon. My makeup lasted for a solid 12 hours on a particularly hot day. I also have worn it to the gym after work a few times (not recommended, but I hate taking my makeup off and not doing my whole face wash routine with toner, etc). Each time I was shocked to see how my makeup looks pulled through.

What I love most about the foundation is how buildable the coverage is. I can use on a light makeup day and when I want to do a full face. Either way it has a flawless finish.

A lot of people go lighter on makeup in the summer, but if you’re like me and still like to go big this is the foundation for you. My makeup looks great, my skins feels fabulous, and it’s all around win in my book!

PS — I feel I need to mention that I while love this product for its quality, I am highly bothered by the lack of inclusivity. There are only 8 shades and I am using the darkest one. While I am not a light-skinned girl, there is no denying that spectrum goes far past me. Everyone should be feel included.

Would you try this foundation?

*This product was courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics.

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