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How to Look Polished Everyday

I have always lived by the rule that when it comes to personal style looking polished is the most important thing. You could be in a great outfit, but if your shirt is wrinkled that is the only thing people will notice. It’s little things that make up your overall look. Here’s a few ways to look more polished on a daily basis.

Have a set morning routine

I have a morning routine that I could honestly do without thinking. I do everything in the same order to the point that it’s almost robotic. This helps prevent me missing a step. For example, you will never catch me saying I forgot to put on eyeliner or mascara. It’s not possible for me because I can’t do A without having done B. It can be tedious at times, but I can tell you one thing I rarely have bad hair or makeup days. Why? Doing the same thing over and over again is practice. Practice makes perfect. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself for a couple of months and see how much you glam game improves!

Tip: While definitely not necessary, if you want to do a full face you need to allot the extra time. Wake up a little earlier because you cannot rush greatness!

Invest in a steamer

The easiest way to look put together is to have your clothing not be wrinkled. Irons are great for button ups and trousers, but there is nothing like a steamer when it comes to pretty much everything else. They are gentle on your clothing, simple to use, and have fast results. Steamers are particularly amazing to use on fabrics that can be damaged with too much heat (i.e. silk).

PureSteam XL – High-Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

Tuck, cuff, twist, and roll

What really pulls together a look is how you add your own spin to it. A button up for example can look sloppy to start, but when you tuck it into your jeans and roll up your sleeves it is has a whole new look. Instead of leaving a tee hanging loose, try twisting the bottom into a knot. Cuff the bottom of your jeans to give your outfit a more thoughtful vibe. Once again, it’s the little things that make a world of difference.


There is a strange power in coordination. Match just one color in a multi-colored dress (i.e.: green pump with floral print). Wear the same color shoes and belt. Choose a lipstick that compliments your outfit. Opt for an outfit with different shades of same color. It brings focus to the look and automatically adds a dash of refinement.

Add detail

Throw on a belt, earrings, a scarf, a brooch, etc. to give your look dimension/personality. Anything that adds a little stamp of you.

Ditch the damaged clothing

Last, but not least. If it has a hole, a tear, or an obvious stain/scuff, there is no need to drag it out and try to make it work. If you can’t fix the damage, say adios to those pieces. They have lived to their full potential (and then some).

What do you do to look polished?



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