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7 Ways to Wear Denim Shorts

If there is one thing that every girl has in her wardrobe, it is a pair of denim shorts. We may always be on the hunt for the “perfect pair”, but there has  never been a time in my life when I can remember not owning at least one go-to pair. The styles and lengths are ever-changing, but a pair of denim shorts will always be a staple in your wardrobe.

Denim cut offs can be worn in a assortment of ways that go past the simple tee/short combo. This casual must have can be a great addition to your chic looks when worn correctly. The best part is with a few small adjustments they can easily be worn into the fall. Here a few fun ways to wear them.

Wear denim on denim

A little denim on denim action never hurt nobody! Pair some denim shorts with your favorite denim jacket or chambray shirt. The look can act as a neutral base so that you can have fun with shoes/accessories.

Make a statement with your blouse

Elevate a pair of shorts with a bold print blouse. Prints are very in this summer and the trend continues on through fall. To transition this look to fall throw on a pair of booties.

& Other Stories | $20

Layer with oversized button up

Layer an oversized button up over a cami for an effortlessly chic look. It is perfect for those summer days that are a little cooler and the early fall. The best thing about this look is that keeping your shirt open allows you to still have a defined shape.

Urban Outfitters | $49.00

Dress up a cropped hoodie

There’s nothing more comfy than a sweatshirt. Elevate what would otherwise be a casual look with a pair of fun boots. PS – remember when I said cowboy boots are trending for fall? Um yea, wasn’t kidding.

Nordstrom | $65 (exact hoodie!)

Throw in some leather

You know that weird time in the early fall where it’s still warm enough to wear you legs out, but you still need long sleeves? That is this look’s time to shine. It’s a brief and fleeting moment, so be sure to capture it!

Topshop | $495 (major splurge, but had trouble finding affordable version of this coat!)

Embrace sweater weather

Okay, we’re not there yet. It is going to creep on sooner than you think though and who doesn’t love sweater weather? Pair a sweater with some denim shorts and pair of print booties for a pop!

Missguided | $22.00

Add a blazer

Take your tee to the next level by wearing a blazer. Bonus points if it pinstripe or plaid. This is a look you can wear tomorrow and into the fall. Yasss to fall transitioning, right?!

Shein | $39.00

How do you wear denim shorts?

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