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Major Trend: Scarf Print

Sometimes, trends are slow moving trains. Other times, they slap you in the face and say why don’t you already have me? Scarf print is the latter. I already mentioned the print in my summer trend report, but it is hitting a new high for fall.

I’ll admit, I find this surprising because scarf print usually reads as a bit summery to me. Zara did an entire collection around the print that definitely reads as fall. So, I stand corrected!

The origin of this trend is and will always be Versace, but it is has been duped so many times over this season that is completely acceptable to wear a knock off. Knowing that it is “Versace inspired” is important, but spending Versace money isn’t!

The show-stopping print will surely turn heads, so here a few pieces to get you started.

Are you jumping on the scarf trend?

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