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Transitioning Into Fall Beauty Now

We’ve spent all summer doing brights and pastels. It’s great, but there’s a certain point that you just want to say okay, let’s tone it down a notch. If you’re anything like me, that point is now. We’re all for the summer weather, but maybe instead of a bright red we’re in the mood for something more vampy. You can totally keep rocking the summer wardrobe and make subtle changes to your beauty. It’s the best of both worlds! Here are a few ideas on how to start the transition.

Go for a darker/neutral lip

Don’t break out the lipstick that is almost black, but do break out a brown or a brick red. It is a slight shift that likely only you would notice.

NYX Professional Makeup | $6.99

Use cooler toned eyeshadow colors

If you want to play with color, try shades of purple or blue. Your eyes will still have a pop, but it won’t be the same as using an orange, pink or green which read as very summery.

Colourpop | $5.00

Swap out pastels/brights for grey or nude nail colors

While the summer is not officially over, you are probably over super bright nails. Try going for a neutral color (grey, nude, or blush). This way you are not diving head first into dark nails. It’s a pretty shocking change to go from bright pink to a dark purple.

Zoya | $9.00

Go matte instead of dewy

This one comes down to personal preference. I like to break the beauty rules and have a dewy glow all year long, but true fall/winter beauty is matte. If you want to go all in, switch to a matte look.

PS – If your skin tends to be on the oilier side, this will be a great switch for you!

Maybelline | $7.99

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