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What to Wear to Work During Fall

With October in full swing, it is safe to say that it’s really truly fall. Now is the time to start shifting from summer to fall. Ditch the sandals and the light colors. Swap them out for booties and deep colors.

Maybe you’re a summer girl. So, this new season brings on new struggles to get dressed in the morning. Maybe you’re just looking for ways to freshen up your work wardrobe. Wherever you land on the spectrum, here are a few ways to look super chic at the office this fall

Belted Blazer

This is my favorite combo for the fall. There’s two benefits – you cinch in your waist and you look super polished! This is great with pants or over a dress/skirt.


Wear a Fun Bomber

If you are not in the mood for a blazer, a unique bomber is a great alternative. It can also add a little more zest to an outfit than a blazer might.

Vince Camuto

Go Monochromatic

Wearing a monochromatic look is an effortless way to look super stylish. Also, it’s important to know that color is not reserved for the spring and summer.


Throw on a Chunky Sweater

Your closet is probably busting at the seams with chunky knits. Break those out for the office. Pair with a skirt, culottes, or jeans on casual Friday. Chunky sweaters are a great transitional piece when the weather starts to turn.


Layer Up

This is not necessarily about warmth and more to add texture and dimension to you look. The key to layering is playing with different lengths. For example a long top with a short blazer.


Add a Pair of White Booties

White booties are not losing steam trend wise and they are a great way to elevate you office look! It is the neutral pop of color you didn’t know you needed!

Steve Madden


What do you wear to work in the fall?





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