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Ask Lex: How to Wear Booties with Midi and Maxi Skirts

Reader: Can you wear fall’s lower heel booties with a long skirt without looking dumpy if you are not a long legged model?

In short, the answer is yes! As a short girl, I can see why you may be leery of doing this. It is easy to look overwhelmed at certain lengths. There are ways around it though. Here are a few tips to pull off this look while avoiding looking “dumpy”!

Always tuck

This is so important so that your frame does not get lost in the fabric. Tuck your top in! It’s a quick and easy way to maintain your silhouette. Also, a bonus that you may not have thought of is that the combination of tucking and a midi/maxi skirt can actually have an elongating effect legs. If you do not tuck it will have the opposite effect. 

Don’t wear a full blown maxi

Unless you’re planning to wear a high heel to balance things out, you should avoid true maxi skirts. On your tall friends, it’s a beautiful piece that they’ll glide through the street in. On you, it’s a broken limb waiting to happen. In truth, when you’re on the shorter side midis are basically maxis anyway. You should opt for a skirt that hits between your calf and above ankle bone. Anything longer is way too overwhelming.

Try Asymmetrical 

A good way to jump into this style without fully committing is to start with with a skirt that has an asymmetrical cut. The high-low lengths are flattering no matter what your height is.

Don’t wear opaque tights

I know it’s cold so I am not going to tell you not to wear tights at all. Avoid opaque tights at all costs though. It will look like you are wearing a skirt over leggings which is highly unflattering. If you want to wear this trend on a very cold day, try super sheer, flesh colored, or fishnet tights as an alternative. 

Go low, but don’t go flat

You don’t need to be in stilettos, but when choosing a heel height for the booties that you pair with your look try to stay within two to three inches. Any lower is going to lead to the aforementioned dumpiness. 

Will you try this trend?


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