5 Winter Style Mistakes to Avoid

Winter is the most challenging time to get dressed in the morning. After you finally yank yourself out of your warm bed the last thing you want to think about is getting dressed. That makes it easy to fall into fashion faux pas. Here are a few that you should avoid.

Trying to push summer clothes past their prime

You know those clothes that can be worn no matter what time of year? Those wide leg pants that you wore on your family vacation to Cancun are not one of them. The summer dress that you wore to the rooftop brunch also shouldn’t be paired with tights. Pull out the wool and tweed during these cold months and leave the linen packed away until June.

Avoiding color entirely

It’s easy to fall prey to the all black uniform when it is super cold out. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some color though! Even if it’s just a small pop of color. A easy way to do this is with a sweater, blazer, or pair of shoes.

Getting lazy

There is a time during the season where you begin to feel like a zombie. Get up, freeze during commute, work, repeat. Factoring in fashion can feel overwhelming. The best way to avoid this rut is by finding a reason to challenge yourself. For me, it’s taking a picture of my outfit everyday for Instagram stories.

Losing your shape

Winter clothing is naturally unflattering. It’s important to keep proportions in mind. For example, if you are going to wear an oversized sweater that’s probably not the day to wear a pair of straight trousers. Always keep a balance so that you don’t get lost in all of the fabric.

Living in a down jacket

Now there are days where you need to break out that ankle length down jacket. You know those days. Those days when the wind hurts your face and you’re so cold you can’t even think. Down jackets do serve a purpose, but do not let them become your go-to all winter long. Switch things up a little with a faux fur or wool coat every now and then.

What winter mistakes do you avoid?

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